Welcome to Kindergarten at BH-BL

Full-Day Kindergarten at BH-BL

The Regents believe that requiring children to start school sooner and spend more time in school will help to improve overall student achievement. The strategy is to intervene early and give all students a solid head start toward early literacy.

Educational research shows that early intervention such as preschool and full-day kindergarten can make a significant difference in how well children perform later on in school.

“Kindergarten has greatly evolved over the years,” said Charlton Heights Principal Tim Sinnenberg. “ While there’s still a focus on social interactions and helping developing social skills, we also integrate academics such as reading, writing, mathematics, language development, communication, and technological literacy into each day.”

What are the educational advantages?

Research shows there are numerous educational advantages to offering full day kindergarten. A few include:

  • Helping children with limited or no preschool experience. For some children, kindergarten is their first school experience. These students quickly gain academic skills in literacy rich classrooms and progress socially as they interact with their peers.
  • Expanding on the preschool experience. Many children who enter Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake kindergarten have already attended a preschool program for one or two years. These students will remain challenged and will grow academically with differentiated instruction designed for their specific needs.
  • Limiting the number of students being referred to long-term remediation. District leaders strive to have students “on grade level” early and feeling successful about school. This formula is a “win-win” for the students, parents and the community.
  • Increased instructional time. We all know that instructional time is very important. This full day program will allow our teachers to use additional strategies and implement a comprehensive curriculum.

    What to expect in Kindergarten?

Kindergarten instruction is generally focused on teaching children strong pre-reading skills, introducing basic math concepts, and fostering an active interest in the world. Below are just a few of the many things your child will be taught throughout the school year.

Language arts

  • Recognize and write the alphabet in upper and lowercase letters.
  • Write his first and last name.
  • Use the sounds of letters and patterns to read words (for example, f + an = fan).
  • Identify several sight words, such as names of colors.
  • Recognize and use rhyming words.
  • Retell a story including details, and put events of the story in chronological order.
  • Write simple sentences using sight words and phonics skills.
  • Develop a love of literature and stories.

Listening and comprehension

  • Listen attentively.
  • Raise her hand or wait her turn to speak.
  • Carry out simple instructions and repeat simple spoken directions.
    Engage in question-and-answer conversations with classmates and teacher.
  • Work as a cooperative team member or partner on projects or problem-solving.


  • Sort and classify objects.
  • Recognize and write numbers 1-30.
  • Count orally by ones, fives, and tens.
  • Add and subtract using manipulatives (i.e., Cheerios, M&Ms, buttons).
  • Recognize patterns and shapes.
  • Recite the days of the week and months of the year

Other skills

  • Art and music: Experiment with different materials to make music and art.
  • Social studies: Identify major holidays and symbols of our nation; understand different roles in the community.
  • Science: Use all senses to observe and learn about plants, animals, weather, and temperature.
  • Health and Physical Education: Start learning essentials about nutrition and functions of the body (i.e., use lungs to breath).

Kindergarten Registration Information

Pupils entering kindergarten must be age 5 on or before December 1 of the school year in which they enroll in kindergarten. Students entering first grade must be age 6 during the school year in which enrollment takes place except by transfer and recommendation of the school formerly attended.

The district traditionally holds an informational meeting for incoming kindergarten parents in March. Registration is held in mid March and registered students are screened later in the spring. For more information, contact the District Office at 518-399-9141, ext. 85015 or check the district calendar for specific registration dates.