Accelerated, Enrichment, Honors and PACE Programs

Programs for Achieving Children’s Excellence

Several years ago the Burnt Hills-Ballston Lake Central School District Board of Education adopted policy 4322, supporting gifted education.  The PACE Program (Programs for Achieving Children’s Excellence) was established to support this initiative at the K-8 level.

Since the adoption of policy 4322, advanced and enriched programs have been developed at the elementary and middle school level, to complement accelerated, honors and AP courses at the high school level creating a comprehensive, coherent, and articulated multi-section program designed to challenge and meet the needs of highly-abled students.  At the elementary level, students learn about the problem-solving process through various group activities which help them develop a skill set for overcoming challenges. These students also explore subject areas more deeply through project-based learning throughout the year.

At the middle level, honors and/or accelerated coursework exists in ELA, math and science.  Rigorous entrance criteria and standards must be met and maintained in order to gain entrance and continue in the program.

Attributes of a Successful Accelerated, Enrichment, Honors, and PACE Student

  • Strong critical thinking skills
  • Ability to persevere, demonstrate determination (grit) when faced with challenges or challenging material
  • Intrinsically motivated to succeed
  • Willing to work on school related assignments outside of school
  • Willing to independently study certain topics beyond the core curriculum
  • Willing to seek extra help on difficult and/or challenging topics
  • Passion for learning and interest in the subject matter
  • Willing to engage in debate and peer/self assess
  • Able to receive constructive criticism and reflect

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