Fire, Science & Automobile Repair for BH-BL HS Students

three students working together

Capital Region BOCES & BH-BL HS juniors Nate Martindale and Kyle Morey test the effects of heat on various metals during Integrated Science Class as part of the Automotive Trades Technology program on the Albany campus of Capital Region BOCES Career and Technical School.

Integrated Science Teacher Brian Conway said the objective of the lesson was for students to explore how heat treatment of metal (quenching, annealing, tempering) changes the physical properties of metals. They did this by conducting a strength test after each treatment. Conway said students can then apply the knowledge gained from the lesson to how heat treatments are used in engineering vehicle parts.

Kyle and Nate are two of about 100 students enrolled in the automotive program on the Albany and Schoharie campuses. Students in the program learn how to service and maintain all types of cars and light trucks. The two-year program covers engine theory and specialized tools and equipment to customer service and shop management.