March 13: Weather-related Updates

Snow Storm Predicted for March 13-15

What it means for BH-BL

We have a few important announcements regarding the impending snow storm:

1. Monday, March 13, afternoon and evening activities are running on schedule. 

2. If we have a snowday tomorrow (Tuesday, March 14) it will be a traditional snow day,  NOT a remote day. This would be the third school closure for the high school, O’Rourke Middle School and Charlton Heights Elementary School, but it will be the fourth school closure for Pashley Elementary School (flooding) and Stevens Elementary School (power outage). We began the year with four available snow days.

3. If we have a full snow day tomorrow, then we will NOT have the scheduled K-12 Half Day on Wednesday, March 15. If we have a snow day tomorrow, Wednesday will be a regular day. We will dismiss at the regular time.

We will keep everyone updated through all of the regular channels (Website, SchoolMessenger emails & texts, media outlets) about tomorrow’s school schedule as the storm unfolds.