Pre-Kindergarten Program FAQ

BH-BL Universal Pre Kindergarten Questions & Answers

Does my child qualify for the UPK program?

To be eligible for the UPK program,  children must be four years old by December 1 of the upcoming school year. They must also be district residents. This means that a child who is age eligible to attend kindergarten in the upcoming school year is not eligible for the UPK program.

How many spots are available in the BH-BL UPK program?

The grant covers 70 students, but we currently only have one provider who has 19 slots available. If more than 19 students/families apply, the district will use a lottery system to pick 19 students from the list of interested families.  See timeline below for when that will happen. The district is actively looking for additional community partners/providers in order to increase the number of open slots.

What is the UPK Application Timeline?

The UPK application will go out in early February for the following school year and will be due a month later in early March. The lottery will be held in person in mid-March if more than 19 families submit complete applications. Specific dates will be sent out via SchoolMessenger in January. (Sign up today!)

Where will the BH-BL UPK be housed?

This program will be housed on the site of the community-based organization(s) that has been chosen to partner with BH-BL and will not be housed at one of the district schools. Our current provider is the Glenville YMCA, which also runs the Learning Ladder Nursery School, in the Good Shepherd Lutheran Church on Rt 50. There is no religious affiliation with the church – they operate as two separate entities.

What are the days/hours of this program?

The BH-BL UPK Program will be in session for five hours daily for 180 days and closely follow the BH-BL calendar.

Will transportation be provided for this program?

Transportation is not available. Families will have to transport to and from the UPK program.

What is the cost of this program?

The cost of the UPK program is free for the five hours of school that it is provided. There may be additional costs if a family chooses wrap-around care, which is currently offered by our one provider.

Will there be before and after care provided?

This will be dependent upon what community based organization(s) the district partners with and if they are able to provide this at an additional cost to families. Currently, Glenville YMCA does provide before and/or after care for interested families at an additional cost.

What curriculum will be used and does it align with BH-BL CSD and NYS Standards?

BH-BL does have to approve the curriculum used in the UPK Program.   Currently, the Glenville YMCA is using Creative Curriculum, which has been approved by the district and it does not have any religious content.


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